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Best mobile software for movies

Movies are a complete package of entertainment. Watching movies give a really nice experience to people. Fifty years ago the audience had the option of watching movies only in theatres. The audience had to stay in theatres for three hours. If there was any kind of emergency then the audience was not in a position to pause and resume the movie. But same is not true about today’s audience. Today’s audience has much more options. Technology has made those things possible which were not possible at a point of time. Now people can watch movies anytime and anywhere because of smartphones and tablets. People can still watch movies on t.v., laptop and computer but it becomes tough to carry these devices. But the user can carry smartphone and tablet and watch movies on these devices. Smartphone is the most handy device among these devices. The user can watch almost anything on smartphone. There are many apps which are designed specifically for smartphones so that the user can make maximum out …